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FreeLance IT Support & Engineer Consultancy


Costumer Handling Support

Engineer Consultancy

Engineer Consultancy

We are working closely with customers and ensure they are able to carry out all operations as intended. Assisting clients in managing their engineering projects, planning technical solutions and supervising the design, prototyping, testing and production phases of their products

Costumer Handling Support

We are conducting extensive business growth strategies, client acquisition and marketing operations for companies which are allowing them to have a better Costumer Service and echanced User Experience.

Design & Social Media Marketing

We deliver customer oriented designs, logos, brand identities, web sites and much more. WE are here for broader marketing, operational planning, and management of the business

Optimization Processes

Consultancy services are targeting engineering products and systems are based on enabling clients to test, build, install, repair, or maintain both their hardware and software capabilities for UK-based clientele.


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Who Are we?


Mr. Kaptan is a graduate of the Sabanci University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Having undertaken modules in production system design, database creation and management, software engineering as well as hardware training, Mr. Kaptan has established solid academic foundations in information technology and engineering processes. Mr. Kaptan has also attended courses in well-regarded universities such as the Prague European Summer School, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to learn about product design, entrepreneurship, business management. In 2017, Mr. Kaptan started his career with an internship at in the marketing department of AGT, where he learned how to apply concepts such as advertising, marketing and sales. After his role at AGT, Mr. Kaptan also undertook a Key Account Internship role at Coca Cola, where he had the ability to use his engineering training to work on complex hardware and software systems used in the vending sales processes by the brand. In 2018, Mr. Kaptan began his role as IT Support Specialist, Business Manager and Head Engineer at Kidstrain Education & Entertainment, an educational subscription box services provider for children. Since 2019, Mr. Kaptan works as an IT Specialist and Head Engineer at Kaptan Co. Ltd. where he oversees the infrastructure, computing, software, data storage and network of the business. In addition, Mr. Kaptan also performs engineering services at Kaptan, where he drafts computer assisted design and proof of concept projects, product schematics and manufacturing processes.

As an IT specialist as well as an engineer by academic training, Mr. Kaptan will be working with the clients of Kaptan Infotech to assist in optimising their business operations and overcoming their relevant issues. Regarding the segments of clients to be targeted by Kaptan Infotech, Mr. Kaptan will be offering services for businesses that require elements of information technology usage as part of their operations, such as ventures which conduct e-commerce operations, maintain databases, use software to manage logistics and workflow, process data acquired from their respective customers, rely on a local network or cloud-based storage system for their ventures. Due to the current dependence on computerised and automated systems of modern businesses, Mr. Kaptan will be able to tap into the demand for knowledgeable IT professionals, while also leveraging his academic expertise in engineering to gain a competitive edge against established businesses with “IT-only” offerings, rigid price structures and hidden fees. In terms of the ownership structure of the business, subsequent to the launch of operations, Mr. Kaptan will be the sole owner and operator of the venture. As such, Mr. Kaptan will be undertaking the total sum of services provided by Kaptan Infotech, including individual IT support services for clients, as well as the broader marketing, operational planning, and management of the business. Following the initial three years of operations, Mr. Kaptan intends to expand the team at Kaptan Infotech, and will consider hiring additional contractors for software and hardware engineering, administrative and business development roles. Regarding the provision of these services, Mr. Kaptan will be conducting extensive business growth, client acquisition and marketing operations for Kaptan Infotech, utilising his previous training at the Prague Europian Summer School on launching successful businesses, as well as his two marketing and sales internship roles at AGT and Coca Cola. Further information regarding the marketing strategies to be used by Mr. Kaptan have been set out in Section 11. Marketing Strategy below.

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We are a phone away!

Any initial meetings with clients will be conducted over the phone, or via video meeting platforms such as Zoom, Skype Business and Google Hangouts. Following these meetings, if both parties agree we will begin undertaking the work targeting your NEEDS!