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10 Tips for Better Small Business Bookkeeping

bookkeeping tips

Construction work is fast-paced and requires you to manage multiple operations at once. While it’s not fun to hold onto every little receipt and track all transactions, you will be making things easier for your business. Set solid bookkeeping habits so that you will make the whole bookkeeping process much less painful. If you’ve already tried these bookkeeping tips for small business and still feel that you’re in over your head with your company’s financials, remember that you can always reach out to us. Manual bookkeeping is however prone to errors, and also eats up a lot of time and energy.

  • No matter how small the expense, it’s important to track your purchases and payments.
  • You want to use a simple, effective process that allows you to track and record all finances related to your business quickly and easily.
  • Bookkeeping is essential for small businesses to properly budget, pay taxes, and plan for growth.

Don’t slip into the procrastination trap—set aside time at the end of each day and month to reconcile your books. Overall, having a solid bookkeeping system is important to keeping your business profitable, efficient, and running smoothly. By integrating the small business bookkeeping tips we’ve covered, you don’t have to be stressed out by the tediousness of tracking finances. Bookkeeping is a way for you to track and manage your business finances and is one of the many responsibilities that come with being a small business owner. You need to know what’s happening with your business cash flow and finances.

Create Cash Flow Forecasts

You can open a savings account where you keep enough money to sustain your business for a month or two or arrange a loan in advance. Collaborative work management software is changing the way we acquire and keep clients…. There are many accounting project management solutions with clean and straightforward user interfaces perfect for non-techy entrepreneurs. When setting your financial goals, consider three distinct elements — the past, present, and future. Going full steam ahead without a financial forecast is a waste of time and money.

  • The only way to know if you’re in the red or the black is to keep an accurate account of all money coming and going from your restaurant.
  • Most bookkeeping software has a place to scan and store receipts.
  • One of the easiest ways to avoid the stress of keeping up with your business’s bookkeeping is to hire an accountant for small business.
  • Reviewing your returns from the previous three to five years can provide at least a baseline for how much you should be setting aside each month.

Talk to your accountant to figure out if you can use off-the-shelf accounting software or if you’d benefit from customizing it. Your accountant should be able to not only offer advice but also set up the software for you and show you how to use it. Consider automating your billing system as much as possible so that invoices go out immediately — which saves you the trouble later. Following up on late accounts and keeping up with invoices can also really boost your practice’s long-term success.

Separate your business and personal finances

Even more critical is ensuring the money owed to your business is coming in on time. Knowing when invoices should be paid and how that impacts your cash flow is critical to making future business decisions. Within your accounting software, ensure all invoices are entered with the right term dates. The bookkeeper tracks these figures and may also be in charge of preparing a business’s cash flow statement.

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Each business trip must include the number of miles, the purpose, and the date. If you travel frequently, that can be difficult to manage without the help of technology. There are apps that allow you to track and log your business mileage by linking with your phone’s GPS. This next piece flows from the above, but always, always, always request paperwork. You have a thousand things to keep straight, so once you get everything in writing, it’s one less thing to worry about. Develop a Clean Workflow for Processing Transactions

If you’re like a lot of businesses, there’s always a lot happening in a few different corners of the universe.

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There are a ton of small business tax deductions you can capitalize on, and every penny counts. Details like these can be easily input into your accounting software, which then uses the data to generate invoices. It will also automatically generate accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash flow reports to keep your financial records updated. This is vital in case you’re ever audited, or if you need to apply for lines of credit. Bookkeeping is the process of recording a business’s financial transactions.

Perform regular financial checkups.

Understand the benefit gained from every expense and document it carefully. However, it is important to note that not all expenses provide the same value. US Bank research confirms that cash flow issues are the number one reason for the closure of almost 82% of small businesses. The failure rate of sole proprietorships is even lower, according to the same study. Although this blog offers business advice, this content is for general informational purposes only—it is not intended to replace the guidance of a licensed legal or financial professional. Information created by third parties that we may link out to or feature on our site is not endorsed by us and remains the responsibility of such third parties.

bookkeeping tips

Keep paperless versions of accounting information on your devices or in the cloud for safekeeping. If you put off bookkeeping too long, you end up with bounced checks, overdue invoices, or figures that don’t add up. To make sure your books are all in order for the end of the year (and year-round), don’t lapse on recording your income and expenses. A restaurant profit and loss statement, or P&L, keeps all restaurant accounting information organized in one concise document. The only way to know if you’re in the red or the black is to keep an accurate account of all money coming and going from your restaurant. This may sound like common sense, but many financial anxieties come from a lack of dedication to accurate bookkeeping.

Use Cloud-Based Accounting Software

For small business owners, the lines between personal and business finances can blur. Many new business owners use their own money to fund their entrepreneurial quickbooks vs excel for small business pursuits. Although it’s easy to mix things together, it is important to keep personal finances separate from your business record keeping.

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Monitor and track your business’s cash flow, or the money that goes in and out of a business. Business expenses, loan repayments, and dividends paid to shareholders are examples of cash flowing out of a business, while sales, investments, and borrowing represent cash inflows. Businesses that don’t have enough cash coming in are at high risk of failure.

Use Restaurant Accounting Software

Once you’ve learned the basics of bookkeeping, you’ll feel much more confident and will be able to set up a system you can use from the get-go. Many small business owners start out with very little knowledge about bookkeeping. After all, you got into business because you had a specific skill set to offer, not because you love data entry and bank reconciliations. However, at the end of the day, you are running a business, so you’ll need to learn how business finances work. One of the most common self-employed bookkeeping pitfalls is not accounting for tax bills.

bookkeeping tips

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