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Software development

Docker Swarm Consulting and Support

Containerization has made it much easier with productive methods for creating, governing, and securing handheld applications. Docker consulting increases the software delivery cycle velocity with cutting-edge https://globalcloudteam.com/ toolkits and resources. Docker achieves this by causing a significant reduction in infrastructure resources. Docker is designed to make use of very few resources when running the same applications.

  • Also, a common advanced technology stack allows you to perform processes without downtime.
  • Your business gets simplified automation and performs all complicated objectives with minimum resource usage.
  • Our Docker consultants will assess your organization’s processes, infrastructure, existing applications and other factors to determine the possibility of Docker containerization.
  • Defined and delivered the vision for a global streaming platform for over 40 markets and thousands of internal clients.
  • Docker takes away repetitive, mundane configuration tasks and is used throughout the development lifecycle for fast, easy and portable application development – desktop and cloud.
  • Our Docker products and consulting services can give you the freedom and flexibility from proprietary vendors.

We examine your company model, processes, and systems in depth in order to generate proof of concepts and assess your TCO, compliance, security, and other operational management. With this assessment, we discuss with you and design a use case for application containerization, as well as a commercial success. We’ve seen the growth of high-end and analytical cloud-based platforms with virtualization at the helm of software resolution. However, it also necessitates the use of programs with comparable features. It gives apps and other infrastructure resources speed, agility, and portability.

Automated management

Each container has its own network stack, which means even Docker itself can’t access the privileged information. It doesn’t matter if you are using a private laptop or your company’s cloud Docker container can run anywhere. Our simplified docker solution allows the things to run as per the requirements which have configured in the docker file.

Led a scrum team of six to develop, rollout, and support Docker on zLinux. Helped REWE to scale by integrating 3rd party shops, warehouses, and shipping partners to be able to cross-sell services at its marketplace—REWE Paket. Designed presentations and pitched solutions to senior management, lead architects, tribe, etc. Helped ING’s capability to three cross-functional scrum teams with a single purpose, vision, and domain. Managed day-to-day program work – reporting, stakeholder management, impediments, Scrum process, and prioritization.

Empowering developers with trusted partners, tools, and integrations

Defined and delivered the vision for a global streaming platform for over 40 markets and thousands of internal clients. With Docker consulting services, we enable organizations move from legacy architecture to modern micro-services architecture using Docker. Our Docker consultants design the Docker architecture & do a proof of concept using the right tools and methodologies to ensure faster application development and delivery. Our Docker consulting services will help you modernize your legacy applications by converting them into a microservice-based architecture using Docker. Our Docker consultants will assess your organization’s processes, infrastructure, existing applications and other factors to determine the possibility of Docker containerization.

Docker allows using microservices which help in breaking down large enterprise applications into smaller packages, making it easy to manage. Further, Docker also allows to encapsulate multiple microservices easily into container packages and also facilitates easy resource sharing among container images. As a solution to diverse range of platforms across an app life cycle, Docker helps you easily secure and manage apps across all stages of development cycle. We know how much it is important to have support or maintain the site/application or even a single ad page.

Key features of Docker

You can reach our team anytime whenever you need assistance with Docker, and our team will take care of it. If you are new to Dockerization and want to see how it can help with your CI/CD process, this service is for you. We can also check your current environment openshift consulting and suggest changes or additional use cases to improve your dockerized environment further. Our utmost priority is to get our clients happy from the services we provide to them. Because we believe that If our clients are happy then we could also be happy.

docker business consulting

Docker utilizes the Linux kernel feature for creating containers, enabling companies to build, test, and implement applications to any platform. Docker is the company that is on the forefront of driving the container movement. It is by far the only container platform provider to address every application across the hybrid cloud. Enterprise can now take the advantage of true independence between applications and infrastructure offered by Docker to digitally transform themselves faster than ever before.

Docker Customization

Designed and deployed at scale world-first Kafka self-service application allowing ING clients to perform major tasks without the need for support via beautiful UI. Scaled ING’s real-time data streaming platform from five to 400 clients with more than 1,000 streams in production and over 400,000 events/second. E for your IT environment as well as supporting microservices in them while integrating Docker with LDAPs as part of this deployment.

docker business consulting

We can download an image that takes care of all this for us so we can focus our time on building the application and not having to worry about the operational aspects as much. With us at your service, you can leverage all efficiencies of Docker in your workflows and utilize the DevOps methodologies to the fullest. Opsio helps you deploy Docker to AWS without you having to worry about the complications of the procedure. Our team can support organizations in migration to Docker, portable application development, and solution testing too. ActiveWizards is a team of experienced data scientists and engineers focused on complex data projects.

Build Robust Container Security Mechanisms

So, we established a clan of developers who are innovative and experienced in this field. A Docker container image is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software along with enhanced security. So far, IT Outposts has reduced the client’s internal infrastructure budget by 40%. The work is being done perfectly by the team, and they are willing to make any changes to improve the quality of their work. The team communicates effectively with the internal team to ensure a smooth workflow. Our team reviews your environment, conducts a thorough analysis of your IT structure and defines your claims.

docker business consulting

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